Two more days…

Hi, I’m Neva and in two days I will not have a job!

Although I made the choice willingly, I am more than a little nervous about the concept of the wide open-ness of what lays before me.  I have always longed to be someone who was able to move freely through life, but like most of the world I have been tied to a desk for the majority of my life.  Whether it be school, or work, or both, my days have been regimented and scheduled from the moment the alarm chimes in the morning, until my eyes close at night. I have always loathed the monotony.  But, the birth of our daughter and the following months of maternity leave truly opened my eyes to the simplicity of life away from a daily office grind.

I was immensely lucky in my ability to take a full fourteen weeks of postpartum leave. While the first couple weeks were spent recovering from an emergency c-section and adjusting to the kind of sleep deprivation that they wouldn’t dare implement at Guantanamo Bay, once the fog lifted I found myself in a heavenly world where I could take daily walks, read mommy blogs, and nestle my face into the neck of my sweet smelling infant.  Obviously it was not all lullabies and baby laughs, but amidst the diaper blowouts and clogged milk ducts I found my stride. As a family we began to travel and while the road trip experience with a newborn was far from easy, it was gratifying and fun!

As the final weeks of my leave dwindled away, I prepared to go back to work as planned, and on my first day back I was greeted with open arms. I felt my co-workers breath sighs of relief as I resumed my previous duties. I relished drinking coffee at my desk while it was fresh, and having conversations with other adults. However, reality soon set in that my job was the same, but I had changed.

I spent nearly a year back at work after PJ was born and I was awesome at it. I did what I was told, but longed to do anything else. So with the support and encouragement of my dear husband, who had long ago discovered the joy of life beyond the grind, I tendered my resignation and in two daysI will be free!

So in celebration of my new found freedom, we are jumping back in the van!  First stop: THE GRAND CANYON!

Stay tuned for stories and travel tips as we journey all over the place!

The Honest Company


  1. Lady,this is right up my alley. We need a coffee date at the park to discuss but…corporate job-quit, travel the world-achieved (and longing for our next)-, work from home momma-right here!!! So excited the men met at the park 😉


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