Introducing our new pride and joy!

The Peyton family has gotten just a little bigger! We are pleased to introduce this RAD new vehicle and important member for the Peytons All Over The Place team!


We’ve been traveling around the USA and Mexico in our Toyota Sienna minivan for the past two years. While its been a great car, we have come to understand that as the parents of an almost one year old, it is just not sufficient anymore. So the hunt began for a new dream vehicle in the form of a Sprinter Van Camper.

I think everyday for the last six months (at least) has begun with Ron scrolling through Craigslist in search of the perfect Sprinter for our little family.   The hunt has been pretty tough.  If you know anything about sprinter vans, you know they are incredibly popular and have an allegiance of loyal fans. While it seems like they are everywhere, they aren’t often outfitted for families and we were starting to feel pretty discouraged. Everything we were coming across seemed to lack a third seat in which to install PJ’s convertible car seat. We had recently been considering going all out and buying a brand spanking new one to customize to our needs, essentially taking out a loan the size of a small house in many parts of the United States.  Seeing as how I just quit my job, this was not my favorite idea.

Last week, while we were down the street at Besta Wan having our respective breakfast cheat meals, Ron handed me his phone to scroll through some photos of a new Sprinter that had just appeared on his feed.  The van was local and was only a few miles up the coast. It looked pretty promising, well laid out, and amongst its many features was a single rear passenger seat.

After a quick text exchange we learned that the owner had just pulled into the parking lot at Cardiff State Beach right down the hill from our house. He agreed to meet us at our house right away. Ron’s excitement was palpable. We had looked at Sprinters before, but they all had several boxes checked in the “no column” before we opened the sliding door.

With PJ napping away in her crib, we stood in our own front yard and took a tour of the van’s interior. The owner was awesome.  We chatted about places we had been, and summer plans ahead. Also a traveler, he had built the van for his family of three.  Swivel around front seats, rear passenger seat, fridge, potty, bed, and an over-all simple design that could easily be modified as we found the need. I waited at the house (baby monitor in hand) as Ron took the test drive.  As I sat on the porch with Stella I was pretty certain the rest of our day would revolve around bank runs and title transfers… And I was right.  We agreed to buy it on the spot, and the owner cancelled the other meetings he had made to show it later on that day.

As we did filled out paperwork we chatted more about the van’s features and its idiosyncrasies. We discovered that the van had an Instagram of its own – and a popular one at that, boasting 6000+ Sprinter fans which would be passed along with the sale. Being a new blogger I felt suddenly like I had struck gold. A strange and wonderful “meant to be” moment had occurred in our little life and we were not only getting our perfect sprinter van, but a wide audience to interact with as we travelled!

So, if you are reading this as a result of that Instagram link, Welcome!  We have lots of plans in the works for this machine which will be documented both on this blog and on Instagram.  We are busy planning some alterations to the inside layout, but first a  trip south of the border this weekend to visit some friends in La Bufadora, BC!  The best way to figure out what needs to be changed it to live in it for  few days!

Thanks for reading & Cheers!





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