Van in Progress

Well, if you’ve peeked at our instagram account lately, you noticed that Ron has been busy ripping apart the van!  The pine boards that lined the ceiling have been taken down and the recycled denim insulation has been bagged up until its ready to go back in.  Gone are the army green drapes, miscellaneous cell phone holding contraptions, and bad lighting fixtures. Basically the van is looking pretty naked… and ugly.  We knew this was going to be a project when we bought it, and now that things have come apart, we get to put them back together the way we want them!
Kashmir Hardboard
In visiting home depot to research materials, we saw this great sheet material.  It’s called Kashmir hardboard. Since we are trying to veer away from the current craze of wood walls and ceilings, we thought this would be a neat alternative.  Our aim is to go for a more vintage/nautical/mod feel rather than wood cabin, so this should help us to achieve that cleaner look.
Birch Veneer Ply
We also found this 3/4 inch cabinet grade, birch veneer ply, sanded and finished in a natural gloss which will be used to make the cabinetry.  We had considered using a standard cabinet grade ply, and finishing ourselves in a funky color but the pre-finished material ultimately won out because it involved one less step!
As Ron started putting up ledgers to mount the top cabinets to he got a little sidetracked by wiring, lots of it.
He followed the wiring to the old back up camera, and spent some time removing it, then removing the electric braking system as we wont be using that. He also found some other electrical things just taking up space, and lots of zip ties holding all of these things on. It feels pretty good to clear all that superfluous crap off the van. There was a really nice fuse block near the battery that was removed as it no longer had any business up there and the plan is to move it back to where the auxiliary batteries are in the rear since the fuse block back there is cheap and has a separate common block, not pretty.
Once the massive tangle of wires was cleared things started to move pretty fast.  The new back up camera was installed, we replaced some really blown out speakers, and Ron got to work on building our new custom cubbies.


The cabinet backs are made from the Kashmir Hardboard. The cabinet sides are made from the Birch Veneer Plywood. After doing a little research we were able to source some really neat grey Tee Moulding to finish the open edges of the cabinetry.  This really gives the cabinets a cleaner, more professional look.  Less moving parts is always Ron’s battle cry, so we are doing away with traditional doors and breakable and finicky latches. Instead the cabinets are open cubbies with this Barrier Stretch Net mounted behind the cabinets
Here is what is looks like now! Pretty neat huh?  There is obviously lots more to do still, so we better get back to work… We have big plans for a Pacific Northwest Road Trip in July!

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