We Won A Lobster! Oh Wait, It’s A Liebster?!

Okay so It’s been far too long since I posted something on this little bloggy thing.  I told myself when I started this little project that I would add some kind of content every week, but somehow that’s been harder than usual. Why? Well, because a sick toddler is a cuddly toddler, and a cuddly toddler is almost unheard of in this house! So we’ve been spending as much time as possible snuggled on the couch with her.  Unfortunately, this cuddling requires us to be in close proximity to her sweaty, germ-infested little body. Thus, sick toddler becomes sick parents, and sick parents become Netflix zombies. Basically we’ve been busy watching TV.

But now the fevers have broken, the congestion is beginning to clear, and we have pulled ourselves away from the Roku! My ability to string together words into somewhat cohesive sentences has returned and I am going to celebrate my return to the life of the living with a big thanks to Melissa over at Parenthood & Passports for nominating our humble little blog for a Liebster Award!


Hey, What’s A Liebster?  

Having just begun my little foray into the world of blogging, I had no idea what this was either, but it’s pretty neat.  A Liebster award is a way of giving us newbie bloggers a little pat on the back of encouragement.  It means that not only are people starting to read your blog, but the person who nominates you one actually likes it! Again, Thanks Melissa!

So, What’s The Catch?

Well, the Liebster Award is also a promotional tool for the blogs involved. It’s a way to connect with other bloggers and to boost the readership of new blogs you have discovered.  There are a couple of rules:

  • Tell your readers who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Answer the eleven questions they asked you.
  • Nominate some other blogs for the award.
  • Ask your nominees eleven questions of your own.

Who Nominated Me? 

I was nominated by Melissa who is the supermom behind Parenthood & PassportsShe was one of the first people to stumble across my first blog post and has been encouraging ever since.  Melissa and her husband have a traveling toddler of their own, and her blog is full of great information and anecdotes about their experiences exploring as a family. If you haven’t taken a look at her blog, do yourself a favor and take a peek!

Time For Some Q&A

1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I am brand new at this. I started blogging in March, so I’ve been at it for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! I started a blog because I thought it would be a good exercise to keep my head from turning to mom-brain mush.  When you spend all day with a non-verbal human, it can get pretty lonely and frustrating!  Blogging seemed like a good creative outlet. Even if I am just blabbering to no one, I am at least talking about things that interest me!

2. If you could go anywhere in the world you haven’t been yet, where would you go?

This kid is the ultimate inspiration… and one heck of a good travleler!

Right now I am really interested in visiting Southeast Asia. I would love to see (and eat my way through) Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Ron has been there before, but I can’t wait to go and bring PJ along! Hopefully there will be a Mekong River Cruise in our not too distant future.

3. What inspires you?

It sounds really cheesy and totally predictable, but my daughter inspires me.  I want her to have an amazing childhood.

4.  Best meal you’ve ever eaten?

This is a really tough question, because I LOVE food.  But I think they best meal I’ve ever had really wasn’t about the food, it was about the occasion.  I’m going to have to say it was the reception dinner after our wedding.  We had a super small pop-up wedding at the San Diego Zoo, and by “pop-up” I mean we didn’t tell the zoo.  Instead a handful of our favorite people met at the same place on zoo grounds and we had a super quick ceremony hoping that we wouldn’t get caught!

After successfully evading zoo officials our friends joined us on the back patio at Tiger!Tiger! As the guest of honor, I didn’t sit down long enough to eat much on this particular night, but it is still my favorite meal in recent years.  Tiger!Tiger! is one our favorite places in San Diego, and if you are in town it definitely deserves a visit!

127 (2).JPG
Did I mention we made everyone wear masks?  We had to be stealth!  

6. What is one goal that you are working toward now?

I try to break my life into small, manageable goals.  If I even begin to visualize something too grand I tend to get a little overwhelmed.  It has taken me a long time to realize this about myself, but it makes life so much less stressful. So my big goal right now is creating the tentative itinerary for our next trip, which is a three-week road trip from Southern California to British Columbia!

5. What is your biggest accomplishment?

I think my biggest accomplishment in life is that I am super freaking happy! I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, and a stinking cute dog.  The joy in making small accomplishments every day is big enough for me.

In love in Maui!

7. What is the one place you would revisit time and time again?

Hawaii. Ron asked me to marry him when we were in Maui a few years ago, and it is definitely my happy place. Warm sand beaches, hiking in volcanos, winding jungle roads, and fresh poke… I want to be there right now!  The last time we were in Hawaii, on the big island this time,  I was pregnant and I am really looking forward to going back and exploring some new places with the kiddo along for the ride!


8. What do you love most about parenthood?

Bedtime… lol

No seriously though, I love reading PJ a book before bed.  It is one of the few times that she sits still throughout the day now and I totally love it! Extra bonus that when it’s over I get to sit on my butt and relax.

9. What is the most out of your comfort zone you’ve ever felt?

When I was in my early twenties I traveled to Belize with my then, boyfriend.  Unfortunately halfway through the trip we broke up, and not so amicably. So I found myself for the first time ever in a foreign place ALONE.  Its one thing to go somewhere alone, with the intention of being alone, but having aloneness thrust upon you in an unfamiliar place is quite unsettling!

10. What is your one non-essential item that you must bring with you when you travel?

I am a super minimal packer when it comes to packing for myself.  PJ has so many essentials that by the time I get around to packing my stuff I’m exhausted and there is no more room in the suitcase.  But I always pack myself a little make up bag.  I hardly ever wear makeup when we are traveling, but its nice to have the option to toss on a little mascara when the mood strikes.

11. What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

I would tell myself to stop worrying so much about what other people think.  I spent way too much time in my teens and twenties afraid to do things because I feared not being accepted. This is part of the reason that I want to travel with our daughter while she is growing up. I feel that travel really forces you to be secure within yourself because you are outside of your comfort zone. It also shows you how many different ways there are to live and how many different types of people there are.  There is no one-way to be, and there is no sense in wasting time and energy being insecure about the way you are!

Without Further Ado: My Liebster Nominees!

Babies and Borders

I just discovered this blog and I love what they are doing.  Currently on an epic road trip of the USA they post travel tips, reviews, and videos along the way.  Cute Kids & Cute doggies… what more could you want?!

Two Dusty Soles

A couple of new Van-Lifers plus one cute dog!  What can I say, I’m a sucker for a four-legged travel companion.  Their blog is a great read and they have done some awesome truly awesome work building out their Sprinter Van Camper!  We are mega-impressed over here.

Born to be Adventurous

Another couple of outdoor enthusiasts traveling by VW van with some very cute kids in tow. Camping, Hiking, Surfing, Skiing – These guys do it all! I just love that there are so many families out there showing their kids they joys of exploring and getting dirty!

And Now, Some Questions For You:

  1. Describe yourself in three words.
  2. What is the best memory that you have from your travels?
  3. Summer or Winter?
  4. Do you prefer being the driver or passenger?
  5. What is your most prized possession?
  6. Are you a Planner?  Or are you Spontaneous?
  7. What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who has never travelled before?
  8. Where do you see yourself in twenty years?
  9. Where was your favorite place as a child?
  10. Coffee or Tea?  Iced or Hot?
  11. Name one person you would really like to meet. Why?

Phew… that was actually a lot of writing! Can’t wait to see everyone’s answers!


The Honest Company


  1. I love ALL of your answers. I found myself reading along saying “yes, me too!” to each of your answers. Everything from bedtime being your favorite thing about parenthood (haha, it’s mine too!) to barely packing anything for yourself because the kid’s belongings take up the whole dang suitcase, to showing the little that there are so many different types of people out there in this big world. By the way, your wedding sounds fabulous and hilarious! Thanks for playing along and happy traveling/blogging!


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