Surviving a Sick Toddler: At Home or On The Road

I touched on this a little in my last post, but the Peyton family has been a little under the weather these past few days. PJ’s baby immune system certainly got the worst of it, and that has been pretty tough on her parents!  What began with a simple runny nose, quickly escalated into the perfect storm of viral and bacterial infections.  I’ve prepared a brief timeline to get you caught up on ups and downs of our little girl’s health the last couple week.

Timeline of Sick.png

As the timeline illustrates, it’s been a tough couple weeks, and we are all still recovering. We were very fortunate that we were at home, and not traveling this bought of illness struck! The only thing that makes comforting a sick child harder, is being in an unfamiliar place.

When we travel, part of the reason PJ’s suitcase is much larger than mine is because  I always want to be prepared to tackle any sniffle as it arrises.  Preparedness is really the key to keeping everyone as comfortable as possible.  I would rather bring a few more just-in-case items and a few less toys (because honestly given the choice our kid would much rather play with a tupperware bowl and a rock than a fancy light up toy).

I recently put together a “Sick Kid Survival Kit” that will travel with us on our next road trip.  It is full of some of the life-saver items from the last couple weeks that I want to have in case our little one falls ill on the trip.  Yes, you can typically find these items or something like them wherever you are, but if your child is sick you don’t want to waste time running around to find them!

Sick Kid Survival Kit:

Boogie Wipes:

These are not your ordinary baby wipes. They are super soft and made with saline, which apparently makes them magic at wiping away dried boogers. If your kid is anything like ours, face wiping is a major challenge. These really help get the job done. We are a fan of the grape scent!

The Honesty Company Breathe Easy Rub:

A better version of the old standard our parents used on us. Unlike some of the other menthol rubs out there, this salve is not made with a potentially carcinogenic byproduct of oil refinement (petroleum jelly). Instead this stuff uses a base of coconut oil, and I think it smells way better!

The Honest Company Healing Balm:

You know when you blow your nose like a billion times and the skin around your nose starts to crack? This stuff is magic at fixing it! It’s actually pretty powerful at all kinds of cracked, dry, and sore skin problem… including clearing up the dry patches that remained after PJ’s hand foot and mouth blisters dissipated! I keep this in my bag too because it is awesome for dry hands and works as lip balm in a pinch!

Boudreaux’s Diaper Rash Preventor :

Okay it’s TMI time. Antibiotics are seriously rough on PJ’s digestion. The stuff that was showing up in her diaper this week was downright toxic. And the skin in her nether-regions did not like it anymore than my nose did. So as a precaution I began using this at every diaper change. Of course you could use regular old diaper cream, but our kiddo has become squirmzilla these days and a quick spray is much easier than slathering on cream.

honest cream

The Honest Company Diaper Cream : When preventative methods don’t work you gotta bring in the big guns. This cream has cleared every rash we’ve seen in record time.


ReMEDies Ultrasonic Humidifier: When a humidifier was first recommended to me, I thought it was just another useless $30 gadget they wanted us to put on our registry. Let’s face, it we get sold a lot of crap when we are new moms to be. But I am now a believer! After we started using one, the baby started sleeping much better! Basically moist air prevents her snot from thickening up in her head and blocking her breath. It works! In fact Ron and I found ourselves envious of this humidifier once PJ’s cold caught up with us parents.

Portable Bottle Cap Humidifier: Clearly the standard humidifier above is not exactly portable, but I actually bought this travel one to bring with us on the road as a precaution. It works with a standard plastic water bottle.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know how it works!


Breathe Blend Essential Oil: This is a humidifier’s best friend and really helps to keep nasal passages open. *Be sure that the humidifier model you have is compatible with essential oils, as they can cause plastic to degrade.


BabyGanics Say Aahhh! Soothing Vapor Bath: Just another way to get those nasal passages open when they are full of Nickelodeon Slime Snot.  Baths are our daughter’s favorite time of the day, so it’s nice that they can bring a little extra comfort when she’s sick.

NoseFrida: I’m listing this here because it was a life-saver the PJ was an infant.  However, now that she is a run-a-muck toddler I can’t pin her down long enough to actually get this to her nose.

Forehead Thermometer:  Even a sick toddler doesn’t want to sit still with a thermometer under their arm, or worse in their butt!  This thermometer reads quickly, and accurately. You don’t even have to wake the kid up!


Infant’s Advil:  We were Tylenol users up until this whole Hand, Foot, and Mouth fiasco, but at the advice of our pediatrician we began using infant Advil. It is better for helping with the aches and discomfort associated with HFM blisters. Tylenol has never been an effective pain reliever for me, so it makes sense that Advil would work better for our daughter as well.


Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had, and there is not a day that goes by where I don’t question if I’m a good mother. But that insecurity is only intensified when PJ is not feeling well. Shouldn’t a good mother always be able to calm her down? Shouldn’t a good mother be able to sit with her all night without being frustrated or getting gruff? The truth is I can’t always calm her, and I am ashamed to say I don’t always remain calm myself. So any help I can get when our little is sick is welcome. The items listed above help me to fee like a better mom.

Did I miss anything?  Is there anything you take with you in case your kiddo falls ill?

Keep in mind, I am not a doctor.  If your child is sick, please follow the instructions of your pediatrician. 



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