A creative family with a love of travel.

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Neva [nee-vuh]


  1. Primary blogger for peytonsallovertheplace.com.
  2. Wife to Ron and Mommy to Persephone Jo “PJ” as well as Stella the dog.
  3. Recent corporate drop out with a love of exploring.
  4. Artist, Seamstress, and Crafter Extraordinaire.
  5. Dog lover and pit bull advocate.

Ron [ron]


  1. Lead Logistics for peytonsallovertheplace.com.
  2. Husband to Neva and Daddy to Persephone Jo and Stella the dog.
  3. Salon Owner & Hair Stylist.
  4. Artist, Welder, Mechanic, and Chef.

Persephone [per-sefuh-nee]


  1. A little firecracker of a baby girl.
  2. Enthusiastic eater of all things – edible and inedible.
  3. Toddler Fashionista.
  4. Inspiration.

Stella [stel-uh]


  1. The four-legged, furry, first-born daughter.
  2. Designated baby crumb vacuum.
  3. Baby-licker.
  4. A Loyal, smelly, friend.


***There are affiliate links scattered throughout this site. We work hard to curate blogs based on items we use and love, and sometimes we do get a teeny-tiny percentage from items sold through those links.  The price of these items is exactly the same as it would be if you sought the item out on our affiliate’s website directly.  If you find something you like on our site, support your local blogger and buy it through the link… and then let us know how you like it!

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