PJ’s Party Romper

We are changing gears a little around here at the Peyton house. We have a little downtime before we take off on a new adventure, but something pretty big is happening around here.  Our little Persephone is turning ONE!!!

I honestly can’t believe that this little joy has been in our life for an entire year.  It’s hard to even remember a life without her.  So to celebrate this little bugger, we are planning a pretty big fiesta!

We fancy ourselves to be creative types, so that usually means that we just can’t help but overdo it a bit.  Simplicity is not my strong suit and I get pretty excited when an occasion call for me to make something!  I’ve never been good at buying things pre-made.  If I had been blogging at the time you would have been kept up to date as I made all of the nursery bedding, because I just wasn’t satisfied with anything at babies r us. I studied fashion design in college, and I’ve been sewing for most of my life so my first inclination is usually, “I can make a dress for this!”  So that’s where I’ll begin.

Our little lady loves Elephants. It probably has something to do with their size and that you just can’t miss them at the San Diego Zoo or Safari Park.  Her eyes get big, her smile gets wide, and she just can’t look away.  So naturally, we went with an Elephant theme.

Of course there are endless amounts of elephant fabric available for purchase, but I just got a new computer and Adobe Illustrator so I wanted to give fabric design a whirl. If you haven’t yet heard of spoonflower.com it is pretty amazing.  For a pretty reasonable price you can design and print custom fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper.  OR if you aren’t quite savvy enough to design your own, you can browse and buy millions of different designs uploaded by independent  designers like me!

Here is what I came up with for her theme fabric.  It matches the invitations that I designed as well.  If you like it, it is available for purchase at http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/dearpersephone.  I would love to see what others make with it!


I decided to make PJ a romper style outfit for this special occasion. Dresses are great, but usually they just end up showing off her honest company diapers.  So here is what the plan is:

Birthday Sketch-01
IMAG1373This design is based on Butterick pattern #B5624, view C (shown on right).

I made a few changes to the pattern in order to make it my own:

  • Neckline was lowered
  • Sleeves were eliminate
  • Leg opening elastic replaced by bow trim

The adjusted pattern (size 18 months approximately) is available to download & print here: PJ’s Birthday Romper

The pattern prints on standard letter size paper which will need to be pieced together.  I did not go to the trouble of grading this pattern for various sizes, but if you are interested in doing so, Craftsy.com has some great online classes that cover it!

Here’s how I put it together.

1.  I began by cutting two-inch strips of the contrast fabric.  I ordered only a fat quarter of the contrast fabric, which was enough to do the front embellishment, the leg trim, and to do the belted waist (although I ended up omitting that on the final product).

Two inch strip folded right sides together
Two inch strip folded right sides together

2.  Half of the  2 inch strips were sewn together end to end creating about a yard of ribbon.  Folded over, sewn right sides together, and then turned.

3.  After sewing the newly created ribbon to the front bodice in three stripes, I began to assemble the garment.

Trim being applied to bodice front.
Trim being applied to bodice front.

4.  One yard of fabric (and one yard of lining) was all that I needed.

5.  The bodice front was sewing to the bodice back at side seams, leaving the back open.

6.  The shorts were sewn together at the center and side seams, leaving the back open.

7.  The waistline was gathered with two rows of basting stitches, and pinned to the bodice front. Then sewn together. Basting stitches were then removed.

8.  I fully lined this garment, so the same steps 5-7 was repeated for the lining.

Outer and Lining of romper ready to be attached.
Outer and Lining of romper ready to be attached.

9.  With right sides together, I attached the garment to the lining at the armholes and neckline, and the back.

10.  After trimming curves, turning, and ironing I moved on to the leg opening trim.  Using the remaining 2 inch strips of trim fabric, I created two approximately 14 inch ribbon of fabric which were applied as you would bias tape.

11.  The final step was to apply snaps in the back of the garment.  I love these KAM snaps for all things baby. They are so easy to apply!

12.  When I arrived at the point were I would add the belted waist, I felt it was too much. So I skipped it, instead creating a little bow to add to the neckline.

13.  VOILA!  A cute little outfit to celebrate PJ’s first big birthday!














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